These are feedback remarks from a few of our former students…

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to you and all the instructors from Delta, and “Darrel” our examiner! 

The course was great and well presented – I really appreciate all the time these core DARS members devoted to such a successful project. Also the format of everything inside a month was important – a lot of people have difficulty committing to anything longer. The course also made evident the large amount of resources (material and people) available inside the club, and especially how approachable everyone was.

I just thought it might be re-assuring after all your work to know we are making use of our new skills! Also for me this is a thing I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time.

73’s Gary Jones (VE7GJX)

I would like to Thank You and your team for an enlightening, educational experience. There were many occasions where I thought I would fail this course miserably, however with all of you encouraging the entire group and myself in particular, you created a great learning experience for all of us. I enjoyed attending the classes. They were just the right length, as far as time was concerned. The course material was concise and well presented. The banter and the humour in the room was just perfect. I could not have met a finer group of enthusiasts. Even though some of the material presented was dry, you all made it all sound relevant. Having different members present was a great idea. The peanut gallery was rather informative or shall I say entertaining.

You are fortunate to have a great group of people in your circle. I Thank You all again for allowing me and the rest of the gang to share some time with you. I look forward to joining your group and continuing to learn more fascinating details about Ham Radio.

Thank You all again for a very professional training session!

Kind Regards,

John Rak

I highly recommend the Delta Amateur Radio Society course because it doesn’t just teach you to pass the test, it also teaches you how to operate your equipment.

The seminars offered for new amateurs after the course encourage new amateurs to get operating and make new friends over the air.

You will not only get your Amateur Radio certificate, you will meet a great group of enthusiastic amateurs serving the Delta community.

As a former station manager Manager of VE7RCE, the Amateur station at the Burnaby office of the Canadian Red Cross, I know the value of amateur radio in disaster communications.

It would be a great asset to the amateur radio community if you would be able to assist with emergency communications and community service.


I want to thank the Delta Amateur Radio Society for teaching me ‘Amateur Radio’. If it wasn’t for your course, I would have given up trying to get my ”HAM” ticket.

I won’t be in on Thursday to write a make-up exam. I felt that waiting 4 days to do the re-write was too long for me, so I made arrangements to write it sooner with another qualified examiner. I passed…with 86%!

Although I am around radios all the time, I would like to come in on the 28th for the ”Newbie Open House”.
Thanks again, for the training!!


I am pleased to announce that I am now a offical Ham (jr) with the call sign VA7SDL after passing the Basic exam on Saturday April 13th through the course run by the Delta club. My thanks and much respect go out to Don, Chris and the team for all their hard work getting us ready.

Now I am ready to learn and have fun, Elmers be ready for questions

Simon VA7SDL