Student Resources

The following resources may be helpful for new hams (amateur radio enthusiasts).



Information on the Amateur Radio Service, RIC-3c1
Instructions for getting a license and radio communications regulations.
Standards of Operation, RBR-4c2
Rules for amateur radio operations in Canada
Question Bankc3
A compete set of the multiple choice questions for the examination.
Examinersc4 A searchable list of volunteer accredited examiners.
Available Callsignsc5
Search the database for a new callsign.
Industry Canadac6
Information from Industry Canada on Amateur Radio Certification including change of address and change of callsigns.
Emergency Radio Coursec7
It may be a little dated, but a great resource with PowerPoint slides, documents, and videos. Scroll way down the page.
Elmer: An experienced and knowledgeable amateur radio operator who guides or mentors newer operators.  Contact uselmer or any of our members to be introduced to an Elmer.

Test Generators

Amateur Radio Exam GeneratorIC website
The Industry Canada web site test generator to train for the examination.
An alternate program for early practice is from RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada).
RAC HAMpuzzleRAC HAMpuzzle
A program that will help with learning the Block Diagrams.
COAX Student Success PagesCOAX website
The companion site to the COAX publication text book. Login details are provided during the first class.
TestARTestAR website
A test tool that can be used offline in a phone/tablet and offline.


Ham Jargonj1
List of acronyms and common radio terms.
International Q-codes and their meanings.
Phonetic Alphabetj3
All about the correct use and origin of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.


ITU Regionsb2
A map defining ITU Regions of the world.
RAC Band Planb3
Guide to band use for Canada.
ARRL Band Planb3
Guide to band use for the USA.
BCARC Repeater Listb4
A list of repeaters in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Morse Code

Morse Code Translatorm1
An online Morse generator allowing text to be entered and converted or sound played.


Driving in BCs1 Use of Electronic Devices While Driving
Driving in Washingtons2 Using a wireless communications device while driving.

USA Operation

FCC Title 47 Part 97u1 Rules and Regulations for operation in the USA.
ARRL WAS MapU2 Identifies US call sign prefixes

Propagation Space Weather Forecast. Prediction of path possibilities by specific source and destination. Map overlay of VHF propagation across North America Tropospheric ducting forecast, region selectable.

Neigbouring Clubs

White Rock
New Westminster
Maple Ridge
North Shore

Emergency Traffic Handling

CommunicationAcademy 2012 Presentation Materials. The Communications Academy is a non-profit coalition of volunteer communications teams to provide a high quality, professional-grade training opportunity for the various emergency communications teams around the Pacific Northwest.
TFC School Session 1e1Video on handling emergency messages using radiograms in the US National Traffic System.
TFC School Session 2e2Video on handling emergency messages using radiograms in the US National Traffic System.
TFC School Session 3e3Video on handling emergency messages using radiograms in the US National Traffic System.