Meeting this Week Thursday in North Delta


This week meeting is in North Delta at the NDPSB.
Please note access closes at 19:00 so be there at 18:45

It’s a business meeting this week.
Other topics will be a FD debrief and a lessons learned session and a briefing on the Tour de Delta.
Look forward to seeing everyone.
Note meeting is in the small conference room.

Dave Miller VE7HR/VE7PKE
President Delta ARS

In Memory of Doug Barry (VE7WFL)


Doug Barry VE7WLF

Doug passed away suddenly in hospital after surgery. His loving wife Irene was at his side. He is also survived by his sons James (Sheila) and Grant (Christine), his stepdaughter Jeassea and grandchildren Makayla, Victoria, Kate and Zack as well as five stepgrandchildren. A career Air Traffic Controller, photographer, and tireless community volunteer, Doug leaves us with a legacy of gentlemanly grace, courtesy and wisdom that is rarely seen.

The family wishes to express gratitude to all who knew and loved Doug, and for all your kind expressions of sympathy. If you wish to honour his memory, in lieu of flowers, please consider donations to O.W.L. (, BC SPCA (, Nature Canada (, or volunteer some of your time to a community event or organization.

A complete obituary is available at

Amateur Radio WiFi Mesh Networking

Amateur Radio WiFi Mesh Networking Abstract

Amateur Radio WiFi Mesh Networking

This presentation on Amateur Radio WiFi Mesh Networking was produced by Don, VA7IQ / AE7UP, and delivered to Delta Amateur Radio Society. It provides step-by-step instructions on configuring WRT-54G routers using options of the wireless distribution system (WDS) in DD-WRT firmware or Broadband-HAMNET (also known as BBHN or HSMM-MESH). It also describes configuring of the N1MM Logger+ tool for logging contacts. The intention is to identify a common configuration that can be used at all hamradio stations to enable logging during field day operations.


View the presentation…

Repeater Day

Coastal Ham Radio’s 2nd annual Repeater day is Saturday May 7. The idea of repeater day is to bring to life the far too many seldom used repeaters we have. The aim of repeater day is quite simple. Between 11:00-15:00 on May 7 were asking all hams to get onto their favorite repeater and make a contact or two. The link below will give you the details plus has links to repeater data pages for freq., offsets, tones etc. Any questions please email
Hope to QSO with you on May 7 as we bring the repeaters back to life.

Details at Coastal Ham Radio…


Missing RAC emails

If anyone is using to forward their callsigns to a Hotmail address, be warned, because Microsoft has blacklisted that domain.

Don (VA7IQ) has been investigating and discovered that the problem is caused by the spam filters for anyone using Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail, Outlook and Live.

Microsoft maintain list of domains that are accepted or rejected and drops any email received from a blacklisted domain. This is not an easy solution for RAC, but if you change to a non-Microsoft account in the short-term, such as Yahoo or Gmail, then the problem will be alleviated.